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Why Eren Kruger Is One of Attack on Titan’s Most Important Characters


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for the Assault on Titan manga by Hajime Isayama, out there in English from Kodansha.

As Eren Jaeger fights to vary the world in Assault on Titan, he owes an ideal debt to the person he’s named after, Eren Kruger. One of many earlier wielders of the Assault Titan, Eren Kruger is single-handedly chargeable for, properly, the complete collection. Extra so than anybody else, guys named Eren who possess the Assault Titan get stuff carried out, it doesn’t matter what it takes. Regardless of his temporary tenure, happening fully in flashbacks, Eren Kruger is likely one of the most essential characters within the collection.

Eren Kruger is so influential that not solely did Grisha Jaeger title his son after him, however Eren additionally used the title Kruger as an alias when he infiltrated Marley. It is uncommon that the occasions of a whole collection could be attributed to the legacy of a single man, however Eren Kruger did certainly change the world. Eren Kruger’s historical past, in addition to Eren’s time posing as “Kruger,” communicate for themselves with regards to their influence on Assault on Titan.

Who Is Eren Kruger?

Eren Kruger aka The Owl in Attack on Titan

Kruger is an Eldian who was born contained in the Liberio Internment Zone. As a baby, he watched his father be burned alive by Marleyan troopers as punishment for being an Eldian Restorationist. Later in life, he managed to hitch Marley’s Public Safety Authority with the assistance of a health care provider, who faked Kruger’s blood exams to cover that he’s an Eldian. Finally generally known as The Owl, Eren Kruger led the Eldian Restorationist Motion whereas persevering with his work as a mole within the Marleyan army.

When Grisha Jaeger and his spouse, Dina Fritz, are outed as Restorationists by their son, they’re sentenced to loss of life by means of being changed into senseless Titans on Paradis Island. After permitting all of the captured Restorationists, apart from Grisha, to be changed into Titans, Kruger lastly takes motion and saves Grisha’s life. Grisha acknowledges Kruger as one of many officers who discovered him and his sister after they have been youngsters and wandered outdoors of the Internment Zone.

Kruger admits that he saved Grisha due to the hatred he noticed in his eyes as a baby when the younger Grisha first realized that Marleyan troopers had murdered his sister. Revealing that he’s the present Heir of the Assault Titan, Kruger decides to cross the Titan on to Grisha in order that Grisha might perform the Eldian Restorationists’ mission. Kruger additionally encourages Grisha to seek out somebody to like contained in the Partitions in order that the damaged man could have the desire to maintain preventing.

When Grisha slaughters the Reiss household and steals the Founding Titan, he begins the chain of occasions that can in the end result in the tip of Eldian oppression and the Titans themselves. He was solely ready to take action due to the Titan powers and information that Kruger handed on to him. If Kruger hadn’t saved Grisha’s life, the Founding Titan would have remained within the fingers of the Reiss household till the inevitable downfall of the Eldian individuals.

Who Is “Kruger”?

Eren Jaeger, posing as Kruger, in Attack on Titan

Identical to his namesake, Eren Jaeger is prepared to do no matter it takes, even flip in opposition to his personal individuals, with a purpose to serve the higher good of Eldians as an entire. After receiving recollections of the longer term because of the Assault Titan’s particular skill to transcend time, Eren goes rogue and infiltrates the nation of Marley. Studying of Eren Kruger by way of his father’s recollections, Eren Jaeger chooses to additional honor the title of the person whose actions allowed Eren to be born within the first place by selecting the alias “Kruger.”

Posing as a wounded Marleyan soldier, “Kruger” meets with Zeke Jaeger, his half-brother, to debate working collectively. Since Zeke possesses the royal blood that Eren lacks, collectively they will wield the ability of the Founding Titan. Eren’s actions in Marley set Assault on Titan‘s endgame into movement when his assault forces the entire world to unite in opposition to Paradis Island, which in flip forces Paradis Island to take instant motion relating to the usage of the Founding Titan.

Eren Jaeger’s time in Marley is remarkably just like Eren Kruger’s in that they every went undercover whereas performing on recollections obtained from the longer term. They every dirtied their very own fingers with a purpose to perform their plans, even going so far as to hurt their very own individuals. Eren’s infiltration of Marley in the end succeeds in him gaining management of the Founding Titan. His use of the Founder’s energy, freed from the royal bloodline’s affect, is precisely what Eren Kruger needed when he allowed Dina Fritz to die however saved Grisha.


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