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Why Goku Hasn’t Used the Dragon Balls to Revive Grandpa Gohan


Dragon Ball‘s titular wish-granting orbs possess the capability to resurrect the useless. Whereas the Everlasting Dragon Shenron’s first want within the collection was to bestow Oolong with panties, practically each subsequent want has concerned reviving the departed in some type — whether or not it is Upa’s father Bora, the numerous civilians who’ve died by the hands of the collection’ villains, and even bringing again Goku himself. The Dragon Balls have been liable for elevating the useless numerous occasions over the course of the franchise.

This will likely depart some followers, particularly those that began with Dragon Ball Z, scratching their heads as to why Son Goku has by no means used them to deliver his beloved Grandpa, Son Gohan, again from the useless. In spite of everything, the one stipulation with regards to whether or not or not an individual will be introduced again is that if they died of pure causes, which Grandpa Gohan undoubtedly did not.

Goku’s adoptive guardian and mentor perished by Goku’s hand (or beneath his foot) earlier than the occasions of the collection. When the orange-clad Saiyan first reworked right into a Nice Ape as a boy, he unknowingly killed Grandpa Gohan within the course of. When he lastly makes the invention through the Saiyan Saga, Goku appears horrified, vowing to apologize to his grandfather subsequent they meet. Followers who’re solely acquainted with Z-onwards may beg the query — why not ask Shenron to resurrect him?

It is a matter answered definitively in Episode 76 of the unique Dragon Ball, ”True Colours of the Masked Man”. After a gauntlet of matches in opposition to Fortuneteller Baba’s entourage of undead fighters, Goku finds himself up in opposition to a mysterious masked fighter with a halo who appears acquainted with the younger Saiyan’s combating type, even utilizing the Kamehameha at one level.

This fighter is revealed to be none aside from Goku’s departed grandpa, again from Different World for a day courtesy of Baba’s magic. After an emotional reunion, Goku’s buddy Upa asks the query at hand — why not revive Gohan completely with the Dragon Balls? Grandpa Gohan declines, stating that he actively enjoys the afterlife. Content material to go away Goku after seeing how a lot his adoptive grandson has grown and matured, Gohan peacefully departs.

It is a carefree sentiment that makes it clear the place Goku will get his persona from. In spite of everything, when Goku himself perishes, he takes a equally blasé view of dying. As soon as he is assured that his personal son can maintain issues on Earth, Goku appears completely blissful to remain useless, able to pursue new adventures within the Different World like his Grandpa earlier than him.

Whereas Goku himself would ultimately come again, it appears unlikely Grandpa Gohan will ever return to the land of the residing. Regardless, his spirit lives on — each actually in Different World, and figuratively on Earth. Goku’s firstborn Gohan was named after him, and his souvenir of the 4-Star Dragon Ball stays an vital heirloom to the Son household. Even many years after Grandpa Gohan’s dying, his significance to Goku stays steadfast.

Latest developments in Dragon Ball Tremendous might posit that Goku will get his benevolent nature from his organic father, Bardock, however Grandpa Gohan’s impact on the collection’ protagonist cannot be overstated. For all of Goku’s flaws, he is remained a kind-hearted and honorable character for the reason that very first episode, and that is thanks totally resulting from his upbringing by the hands of his adoptive grandfather. It is these values that guarantee Grandpa Gohan will stay on endlessly, Dragon Balls or no Dragon Balls.


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