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Why Sauron Didn’t Recruit the Balrog of Moria in The Lord of the Rings


The ending of The Lord of the Rings is completely traditional. Good triumphed over evil as Frodo and Sam completed their quest to destroy Sauron’s Ring. And with that, Center-earth acquired free of the Darkish Lord’s risk and sway. Not realizing that Frodo was taking the Ring to Mount Doom was a mistake on Sauron’s half, however that was removed from his solely blunder if he actually needed to lord dominion over Center-earth.

Sauron did not consider that anybody would have the opportunity to withstand the Ring’s energy, so he by no means thought that anybody would try to destroy it. Thus, he did not submit any guards on the Cracks of Doom, which was an enormous mistake. One other error was releasing Gollum. With out him, Frodo would by no means have made it into Mordor. Moreover, Sauron did not use all his forces, and he uncared for to recruit what might have been his best ally — the Balrog of Moria.

The Balrog solely had a quick look in The Fellowship of the Ring, but it surely was sufficient to show simply how formidable it was. As Gandalf and firm had been touring by the darkish tunnels of Moria, they drew the ire of the fiery demon. Because the Fellowship neared the tip of its journey, the Balrog confronted them with all of its would possibly. By expending all of his energy, Gandalf the Gray defeated the Balrog, however the effort killed him — a minimum of in the intervening time.

If Gandalf needed to sacrifice himself to defeat the Balrog, it is clear how highly effective the monster actually was. Now, think about what would have occurred if Sauron and the Balrog had mixed their forces. It could have been a lethal team-up that probably would have doomed Center-earth as soon as and for all. Nevertheless, there have been quite a lot of the reason why that alliance by no means occurred.

For starters, Sauron and the Balrog had been each Maia. So, by way of “angelic rankings,” they had been on the identical stage, which meant that Sauron had no authority to commander the Balrog. As a Valar, Morgoth led a complete slew of Balrogs within the First Age, however as a result of Sauron was solely a Maia, the Balrog would have had no loyalty to him. He was his personal grasp in Moria, and no Darkish Lord was going to break that.

Thus, if he actually needed to recruit the Balrog, Sauron would have needed to dominate it first. Given the hassle it took for Gandalf to defeat the Balrog, it most likely would have been a tough combat for a Ring-less Sauron. Certain, he ultimately would have succeeded in dominating the demon, however Sauron did not have the additional time or power that it will have taken. He was solely fearful about discovering the Ring, and he already had loads of servants to do this for him. So, briefly, the ability that Sauron would have gained by recruiting the Balrog wasn’t price his time.

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