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Why Simu Liu’s Lost Jedi Has a Unique Place in the Star Wars ‘Multiverse’


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for Star Wars: Visions Episode 5, “The Ninth Jedi,” streaming now on Disney+.

Star Wars: Visions presents followers of the franchise an opportunity to see it by means of new eyes. Every brief story is animated by a special anime manufacturing firm and options an authentic story with new characters. One episode, particularly, is titled “The Ninth Jedi” and tells a narrative of hope revolving round lightsabers. The brief additionally introduces a personality that harkens again to an age-old lightsaber custom that transcends each Star Wars Legends and canon lore.

The episode takes place in a distant future the place the Jedi are out of date. Nonetheless, even with out peacekeepers, there are nonetheless threats. Because of this, a man named Margrave Juro seeks to deliver again the Jedi Order and calls upon a handful of Jedi with a robust sufficient connection to the Power to assist deliver steadiness to the galaxy. The one downside is that they must wait for his or her lightsabers to be delivered to them by the forge-master, Lah Zhima (Simu Liu). Zhima is a Power-sensitive who makes use of an age-old methodology to forge kyber crystals and the hilts they’ll reside in. However the method that he makes use of is in contrast to something seen in canon lore.

Within the canon Star Wars universe, Jedi are taken to the planet Ilum to acquire their crystals, that are in a position to bond with a youngling as a result of they’re alive. As soon as infused with the Power, the younglings start to create their very own hilt. Nonetheless, they by no means do that alone. An architect droid professor named Huyang helps them within the development, as he has completed for hundreds of years. However for Sith Lords, their purple blades end result from acquiring a saber from a Jedi they’ve killed and “bleeding” its kyber crystal with the Darkish Facet to provide the blade its purple hue.

Within the Legends timeline, lightsabers have a extra detailed historical past that loosely aligns with what’s seen in Visions. Initially, the sabers was tied to a battery pack by a protracted cable. Duels typically revolved round making an attempt to chop the cable. Nonetheless, as soon as an impartial energy supply was added, battery packs had been out of date. These sabers had been normally constructed utilizing a forge from way back to the Je’daii on Tython. These forges helped create lightsabers and the crystals inside them, which weren’t alive like in the principle canon. Sith Lords had to make use of artificial crystals, which had been typically unstable.

“The Ninth Jedi” evolves these histories much more by reintroducing a saber forge. On this actuality, Zhima is the one one who can forge lightsabers. Actually, he’s so expert within the Power, he can manipulate the crystal in order that its colour is chosen primarily based on the person’s connection to the Power. That is proven when his daughter, Kara, ignites a blade that has a translucent gray hue, indicating her weak connection. Nonetheless, when dealing with off in opposition to Sith Lords, her blade turns into inexperienced as her connection grows stronger. It is a characteristic in contrast to something proven in Star Wars earlier than and helps exemplify the significance of lightsabers in each the Jedi and Sith communities.

Star Wars: Visions has proven how distinctive the galaxy might be when showcased by means of the eyes of varied followers. “The Ninth Jedi” shows the facility of perception and the symbolic and mechanical significance of a lightsaber. Via Lah Zhima, followers can see historical past delivered to life as he resurrects an age-old expertise to recreate a Jedi’s most trusted device.

From the Japanese animation firm Manufacturing I.G., Star Wars: Visions Episode 5, “The Ninth Jedi,” is streaming now on Disney+.


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