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Why the Most-Hated One Piece Character Still Enrages Fans


Each present has a personality that’s loathed by the fandom. One thing concerning the character’s character or actions will get followers labored as much as the purpose that each discussion board is filled with threads complaining concerning the character. And there’s no One Piece character extra hated than Sakazuki. Browse any One Piece dialog, and somebody complaining about him will rapidly flip up.

Sakazuki, also called Admiral Akainu, is the fleet admiral of the Marines, the World Authorities’s army sea pressure. This group is entrusted with implementing the legal guidelines of the ocean and bringing rulebreakers to justice. Sakazuki acquired this title by defeating Aokiji after the earlier fleet admiral, Sengoku, retired.

Akainu attacks Shanks

Sakazuki is hated by followers as a result of he killed fan-favorite character Portgas D. Ace, Luffy’s older brother. When Ace was captured and sentenced to demise, the Summit Conflict of Marineford occurred. This warfare noticed the Marines and a number of other pirate crews conflict because the pirates tried to rescue Ace. Nonetheless, when Luffy and Ace’s relationship was revealed, Sakazuki tried to kill Luffy. Nonetheless, Ace obtained in the way in which, taking a deadly blow for his little brother. This was an emotional second that made most readers see Sakazuki as a horrible individual.

One more reason Sakazuki is hated is due to his dedication to Absolute Justice. This philosophy is on the core of the Marine doctrine and states that stopping all unlawful acts and lawbreaking is value it, irrespective of the human prices incurred. Absolute Justice additionally extends to those that work together with or are associated to lawbreakers in any capability. Regardless of how imprecise, within the eyes of the Marines, the relation is simply as evil because the legal — even when they’ve performed nothing improper and damaged no legislation. That is blended with a starkly black and white view of the legislation, the place the state of affairs surrounding the unlawful actions is just not thought of. That means that somebody who by chance breaks a minor legislation is taken into account simply as evil as somebody who has intentionally damaged 1000’s of legal guidelines.

Sakazuki takes this already warped philosophy to the acute, particularly relating to pirates. Sakazuki is keen to hazard lots of of individuals so long as a pirate is killed or captured within the course of. This has led to him committing horrible acts, together with destroying a ship filled with refugees, on the off probability that one in all them was an Oharan scholar. He is additionally executed his personal males on a number of events, particularly once they show what he considers to be cowardice.

Kizaru with Akainu

This makes Sakazuki straightforward to hate as a result of he acts as an ideal metaphor for the way a justice system can perpetuate injustice by turning into too fixated on the legislation as a inflexible idea reasonably than a human one. By turning into too consumed by the dogma, Sakazuki has ended up with completely warped morals. Actually, persons are extra prone to be harmed by Sakazuki and the Marines than they’re injured by pirates, most of whom hold their quarrels between themselves.

Nonetheless, that does not imply that Sakazuki is past redemption. Actually, many followers hope that the Marine fleet admiral will understand the issues of each Absolute Justice and the Marines and attempt to make amends for what he has performed up to now. This could possibly be by apologizing to Luffy for the demise of his brother or by serving to the Marines transfer to a much less hardline and extra human-focused philosophy. However for that to occur, Sakazuki will want an enormous tradition shock.

Sakazuki is a implausible villain, and he acts as an incredible counterpoint to a number of different characters within the One Piece universe. Regardless of the over-the-top nature of the sequence, Sakazuki is a nuanced villain, as, like all the very best antagonists, he believes what he’s doing is true. Nonetheless, as readers wanting from a impartial place, we will see issues that Sakazuki is blind to and thus see the flaw within the dogma of Absolute Justice.


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