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World’s End Harem: Britannia Lumiére Is an Expert Reversal of the Main Series


Generally tiny tweaks can flip a hated thought right into a beloved one. And nowhere is that this more true than the leisure trade, the place a small change can flip a mediocre present right into a smash hit or a great sequence into an terrible one. World’s Finish Harem was controversial when it was first launched in 2016. Nonetheless, 2020’s World’s Finish Harem: Britannia Lumiére reverses the sequence and improves it dramatically within the course of.

World’s Finish Harem follows Reito Mizuhara, a younger man with a uncommon and harmful illness who lives in 2040. When medical doctors cannot discover a treatment for his situation, Reito is put into cryostasis till one is discovered. Nonetheless, when Reito wakes up in 2045, issues are a lot worse, because the world has been struck by the Man Killing virus, which has killed a lot of the world’s males. Whereas girls have shaped a brand new authorities, it seems that they’ve failed to carry society collectively, and a few elements of the world are actually a wasteland.

When it’s found that Reito is a part of a small group of males who’s resistant to the virus because of the treatment he was given, he’s put right into a authorities repopulation program the place he’s instructed to impregnate as many ladies as potential. Nonetheless, Reito nonetheless desires to be with the lady he liked earlier than his cryostasis and units out to seek out each a treatment for the virus and his love as soon as extra. Nonetheless, as he searches, Reito finds that a number of highly effective teams are utilizing the virus for their very own ends.

The manga’s idea was controversial, and it divided readers. Whereas many loved it, some discovered the setting barely uncomfortable and felt that the semi-post-apocalyptic backdrop did not match the harem format. Others identified that Reito’s preliminary unwillingness to be concerned in this system attributable to his dedication to his outdated crush additionally felt awkward and made elements of the sequence really feel overly darkish. Many reviewers mentioned that the gender politics underlying the sequence additionally felt outdated and sexist and appeared to take a binary, non-nuanced view of gender points in lots of locations.

However in 2020, a spin-off known as World’s Finish Harem: Britannia Lumiére launched on the Shōnen Soar+ app. This story follows Eri, a sort excessive faculty lady who’s in the future dragged into the magical world of Britannia and instructed that she should put it aside from catastrophe, as per her position because the fabled Goddess Of Gentle. Nonetheless, Britannia is not an everyday fantasy world. It’s really a world made up completely of engaging males. It’s because a witch cursed the land of Britannia, inflicting the entire girls to fall right into a deep, magical sleep that turned all of them icy-white. Now, Eri should juggle each her coronary heart and her responsibility because the Goddess Of Gentle as she fends off suitors and tries to interrupt the curse that haunts Britannia.

Worlds End Harem Britannia Lumiere

Britannia Lumiére reverses the premise of the sequence, turning the harem right into a reverse-harem. It additionally solves lots of the unique sequence’ issues, making for a way more pleasing manga. The change from dystopian sci-fi to fantasy helps make the sequence really feel quite a bit much less awkward and makes the plot a lot simpler to comply with, particularly as a result of Britannia Lumiére’s story will not be making an attempt to mix political intrigue with harem shenanigans. The elimination of the repopulation facet was additionally a great choice. This factor solely added an uncomfortable darkish undercurrent to the unique that postpone many conventional harem followers.

Whereas World’s Finish Harem must be praised for its distinctive method to the harem style, many harem followers will seemingly discover Britannia Lumiére extra pleasing. World’s Finish Harem: Britannia Lumiére makes use of a extra customary setup, and due to this, it feels extra cohesive and tonally constant. World’s Finish Harem: Britannia Lumiére is a enjoyable reverse-harem isekai sequence that is aware of what it desires to be and pulls it off splendidly, making it a enjoyable learn for harem and fantasy isekai followers.


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