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Yashahime: Setsuna Finds Unexpected Encouragement From a Demon God


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for Episode 33 of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, “Mayonaka the Visitor,” now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Animelab, and Hulu.

In Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 8, when Setsuna accompanies the Demon Slayers to Gokoku Village, she encounters an emotionally distraught demon god named Mayonaka. Upon realizing that Setsuna is a half-demon, Mayonaka shares his tragic story, believing Setsuna will perceive his plight, as she’s additionally caught between two totally different worlds. It seems that this odd encounter is precisely what Setsuna wanted to construct up the braveness to avoid wasting her mom.

When the Demon Slayers arrive in Gokoku Village, Flame Bulls are terrorizing the villagers and threatening to burn down their crops and houses. Since Flame Bulls obey native deities, the Demon Slayers seek for the village’s native deity, Mayonaka. Nonetheless, the slayers quickly uncover that Mayonaka is definitely a demon god searching for the Blessing of the 5 Grains, which the villagers have hidden away.

As the remainder of the Demon Slayers rush to suppress the Flame Bulls and put out fires throughout the village, Setsuna confronts Mayonaka alone. Mayonaka merely asks whether or not she’s a half-demon earlier than she’s attacked from behind by somebody she met earlier within the day. Whereas she’s handed out, Setsuna hears the voice of a pleading lady, who’s apparently tied to Mayonaka’s future.

When she awakens, Setsuna’s shocked that she’s unhurt when her attackers had the proper alternative to kill her when she was unconscious. She asks Mayonaka what would occur to the village if she killed him, and he assures her that nothing would occur in any respect. Mayonaka lastly reveals that he has no grudge in opposition to or curiosity within the village, however he is not capable of go away the world. After realizing that the Blessing of the 5 Grains is Mayonaka’s divine treasure, Sestuna appropriately deduces that he is the native deity the villagers name Lord Mahiruma.

Whereas Mayonaka is taken into account a demon god, he would not consider he is a god or a demon. He affords to inform Setsuna his story as a result of he believes she’ll perceive how he feels as a half-demon caught between two totally different worlds, however he believes people and demons are each equally untrustworthy. His story delves into his previous as Lord Mahiruma, a celebrated native deity who spoiled his villagers with bountiful harvests and happiness. Regardless of his overabundant blessings and fondness for his villagers, a grasping village headman got here into energy and oppressed the villagers. The headman’s daughter, named Oharu, visited Mahiruma’s shrine and satisfied him to present her the Blessing of the 5 Grains, which was in the end stolen by her father.

After falling in love, Oharu asks Lord Mahiruma to run away together with her to get away from the village. He agrees to her plan out of affection, however Oharu by no means reveals up and leaves him on their own on the planet. When he returns to a affluent Gokoku Village many years later, he turns into satisfied that Oharu betrayed him. He suspects that she seduced him and ran him out of the village for private acquire, proving that her love was pretend. Nonetheless, he later discovers that Oharu and he have a son collectively named Goro, who’s in the end a half-god. Goro swears that his mom at all times looked for Lord Mahiruma and that her love was actual.

When Mayonaka speculates that his destiny continues to be tied to the Blessing of the 5 Grains, which tethers him to the village, Setsuna’s Yukari no Tachikiri senses a thread of destiny close by. Setsuna is quickly capable of see the golden thread wrapping round Mayonaka and follows it. When she touches the thread together with her weapon, she’s capable of see visions of Mayonaka’s previous with Oharu. After viewing the important thing moments of his life, Setsuna is assured she should reduce his thread of destiny to launch him.

Regardless of Setsuna’s earlier doubts about being sturdy sufficient to save her mother by cutting Rin’s thread of fate tied to Zero, she manages to simply sever the thread tying Mayonaka to the Blessing of the 5 Grains and Oharu. Afterward, Mayonaka and Oharu are lastly capable of reunite as their spirits journey to the afterlife collectively. This inspirational and heartwarming scene reinvigorates Setsuna’s confidence and perception that she will efficiently wield Yukari no Tachikiri to avoid wasting her mom.


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